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Programs - Prayer & Worship

Prayer List

Notify the clergy responsible for pastoral care, Rev. Dan Cranley, or the church office 905-634-1809 or staff@stcb.ca to have someone added to the St Christopher's published prayer list.

Prayer Chain

  • Persons with particularly serious or life-threatening situations are prayed for by people on the prayer chain for a period of two weeks.
  • Notify the clergy responsible for pastoral care to have someone added to the prayer chain, Rev. Dan Cranley, 905-634-1809 or staff@stcb.ca with the person's name, situation and what is being prayed for.
  • The clergy initiates the prayer chain by phoning one or both of the captains.
  • Alongsiders is a prayer ministry, where parishioners whose active ministry at St Christopher's is praying ongoing for other parishioners, who are unable to take part in parish life in other ways.
  • Alongsiders themselves, often have limited access to St. Christopher's activities and praying for others helps keep them in touch.
  • Notify the clergy responsible for pastoral care, Rev. Dan Cranley, 905-634-1809, or staff@stcb.ca

Therapeutic Touch
  • Offered on Sunday mornings after the 8 and 9:30am services, by volunteers trained in Therapeutic Touch, in the Quiet Room.
  • Therapeutic Touch practitioners work with your energy flow and attempt, with God's help, to bring wholeness and relaxation.
  • Sessions usually last about 15 minutes and is followed by a period of rest.
  • The treatment is given with loving intention and compassion for wholeness and health in mind, body and spirit.

Seniors' Christmas and Easter Luncheons see Pastoral Care, Seniors


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