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PWRDF (Primate World Relief Development Fund)

The head of the Anglican Church in Canada, the Primate is the first among equals of all the bishops in Canada. The Primate is elected from among those bishops. The current incumbent is Michael Peers and he works out of Church House in Toronto.

The Anglican Communion is divided into 31 provinces world wide. Each province is autonomous in and of itself, and is presided over by the equivalent of the Primate. However, each province knows itself to be part of the Anglican Family. The provinces meet collectively every ten years at the Lambeth Conference.

The Fund was initially set up in response to the mining disaster in Springhill, Nova Scotia, in the mid fifties. It has expanded since then and now directs aid anywhere in the world when a disaster has occurred.

After some years a development component was added to the Fund. Application may be made, and money is allocated each year to support local initiatives in underdeveloped areas, which can include Canada. The primary focus is to help those populations to become self-sufficient by listening to what it is they need and then working alongside to achieve sustainable results.

The Fund is replenished by donations from all across Canada. Is is often one of the first organizations to respond to a call for help. Administrative overheads, compared to other similar organizations, are low - in the regions of 13 - 15% of the total budget. And those overheads are taken ONLY from undesignated donations. So, you can be sure that your money goes where you want it to if YOU respond to an emergency appeal!!

Our church helps weave a culture of peace with healing by supporting global partners who work to:

  • build an economy that provides for all
  • support people in times of disaster
  • protect human rights and build democracy
  • encourage dialogue in times of conflict
  • promote healing and reconciliation in conflict or post-conflict situations
  • protect and rehabilitate the environment

  • PWRDF is a response by Canadian Anglicans to the gospel call to bear witness to God's healing love in a broken world. Our hands - folded in prayer, open in offering, raised in resistance, extended in friendship - are weaving a culture of peace with healing through the many partnerships of the Primate's Fund. Creating a just and lasting peace is the work of many hands. In PWRDF, Anglicans across Canada are linked around the world to:

  • Hands extended across boundaries to repair relationships ruptured by years of conflict;
  • Hands, gentle yet firm, that tend to traumatized children and resist violence against women;
  • Hands, working and creative, that build economies to restore dignity and self-reliance;
  • Hands with a strong and solid grip joining with returned refugees rebuilding their communities and creating a future for their children;
  • Hand, wise old hands, that each traditional ways and point to ancient pathways of Indigenous peoples;
  • Hands that deliver life-giving necessities to meet basic needs of communities in times of crisis.

  • PWRDF needs your hands, joined in partnership, to continue our work of:

  • Weaving a culture of peace,
  • Building a moral economy,
  • Accompanying communities in crisis.

  • Offering Prayer
    Creator God, We offer you the work of our hands. Weave these varied threads into a fabric of peace, strengthened with justice and healing - the tapestry of your new Creation. In the name of Jesus, who stretched out his hands for the whole world. Amen.


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