Hi everyone, this is St Christophers Burlington. A devout Anglican Christian and a single 35 year old guy in Singapore. For those wondering about my name, I have a Singaporean father and a UK citizen mum who is also a permanent resident in Singapore.

I decided to start this website because of the growing and widespread interest in Singapore about alternative forms of dating like social escorts, sugar babies and sugar daddies as well as even more mundane rent a friend. While I am not necessarily the biggest fan of them, I acknowledge that there is such a growing interest in SG in these type of services as well as topics.

Additionally, I also touch on even more controversial topics like banned prostitution sites in Singapore, so as to inform the public in SG better to avoid such places of vice.

I also know that there are some Anglican Christians who are using such services or websites, so I will like to address whether there is actually a conflict of interest between our religion and using such services.

I hope you like my topics, and you are strongly recommended to read if you like controversial articles!

You can feel free to contact me here.