Here’s What You Didn’t Know About Singapore Escorts

Here are four things that you may not necessarily already know about escorts in Singapore. Well, most people and even clients do not know about these.

Singaporean social escorts in Singapore are available on a part time basis

Because most Singaporean escorts are actually full time university students or an office professional, they are only available for escort service related bookings on a part time basis. This means that not all displayed escorts on websites are available at any given moment, and sometimes, only a minority of them may be. With that said, here are some booking tips for you if you are searching for a Singaporean escort girl so that you canĀ book the one you want in Singapore smoothly.

Generally, the gist is to book the escort girl early, perhaps even in advance though this will often require a pre-payment or a pre-deposit, or be simply flexible with your time.

Escorts in Singapore charge by the hour

While escorts from other countries may charge by half an hour, or other methods, escorts in Singapore charge exclusively by the hour. However, each subsequent hour beyond the first is usually cheaper.

SG girls do not show their face photos

This probably won’t come as a surprise to locals, but may to certain foreigner clients. Singapore has a very conservative culture, and therefore, working in this industry can appear as taboo to many. Therefore, most Singaporean girls who work as an escort girl prefer not having her face broadcasted online and everywhere else.

Those listed on directory sites or classified ad sites are often not really Singaporean ladies

You probably already know there are escort agency websites, directories as well as freelance websites. However, what you may not know if you have arrived in Singapore for the first time is that you absolutely have to avoid classified ad sites if you want to meet and book a Singaporean lady who is actually a local SG girl and looks like her photos. There are tons of horror stories online about customers who have booked girls off classified ad sites and the girl looks absolutely nothing like her pictures.

3 Differences Between TTvip7 And Legal Singapore Escort Sites

Before you rush out and try to book a girl from a site like TTvip7, peruse the following first, as we discuss the three key differences between websites like TTvip7 or perhaps even SGKFCC and actually legal Singapore escort services by those such as SgVipEscorts.

First up, TTvip7 is technically not an escort website, but in reality a prostitution website masquerading as an escort site. Some experience in the industry will teach you that they do that in a bid to avoid the attention of Singapore authorities. However, while they can avoid detection for months, they usually fail to for more than that. As a result of that, you hear of the Singapore authorities clamping down on these sites and services such as TTvip. On the other hand, legal escort services do exist, though you may need to look harder and do Google searches to find out more about them. That is a big reason why legal escort websites are free for consumers to use, but not these fake ones.

Do we condone escort services in Singapore? Well, it is legal to look for them and legal for them to provide services to you as long as the girls are aged 18 and above. Do we condone prostitution in Singapore? Probably not, while legal, almost everything surrounding it makes it not. For instance, the sites such as TTvip7 are publicly soliciting prostitution from visitors on the public Internet, which is seen as a form of public prostitution soliciting through a remote device – their website and mobile phones.

Second of all, it is to the best of my knowledge that TTvip hires or advertises the services of mainly mainland Chinese girls, and sometimes some Vietnamese or Thai girls. On the other hand, legal escort agencies in Singapore hire and provide Singaporean escort call girls. The nationality of the ladies and models shown on their websites is clearly different.

Thirdly, the prices are drastically different. TTvip7 and sites like that usually have prices within the $100 to $400 per hour range, while that of most legal Singapore escort agencies range between that of $800 to $1500 per hour. They target clearly different markets. One is the mass market, while the other the affluent. That is why some even go so far to say that the lower class men in the population find prostitutes, while the upper class and affluent look for escorts – which is also a reason why social escorts are also used as a form of status symbol on top of being just a companion and for the girlfriend experience.

Local Singapore Escort Vs Foreign Girl – How To Tell Apart?

If this is the first time you are placing a booking or arrangement for an escort girl in Singapore, how on earth do you differentiate that of a local Singaporean escort versus that of a foreign call girl in SG?

One of the ways to do this is to simply be aware of where and which platform or website you are using to look for these escorts.

Two large groups of escorts in Singapore

There are namely two large groups of escorts in Singapore. The first of which would be that from an escort agency, while the other will be independent call girls.

Singapore escort agencies

These are basically companies which hire or work with a number of social escorts, and a booking or arrangement with one or more of their girls are to be made through the agent or escort agency.

There are not many of these agencies in Singapore, and almost all of them only work with Singaporean girls – that is right. I let the cat out of the bag. If your goal is to search for a SG girl, they are pretty much found exclusively at good escort agencies in SG.

One of the things you will quickly notice though about genuine Singaporean escorts is that they very rarely, if ever, show their full face photos. It is always censored or heavily blurred out. This article also explains more about why escorts in Singapore do not show their face photos and you can read more on this.

Most local Singapore escorts are conscious about their privacy, much more than their foreign counterparts, and so seek to protect their own privacy more strongly and thus not send clients or customers their own full face photos. That is also a big hint that the escort girl you are trying to book is also a real Singaporean girl.

Independent call girls in Singapore

These are mostly foreign and international travelers in Singapore who want to work while in SG.

Most of these freelance escorts actually operate on platforms which allow for ad posting like Skokka and Locanto or also on escort directories.

One of the main bad things about these escort directories is that they are often unvetted, which means that anyone can submit a free listing, and there is no verification. This means that the girl on there and with her photo on it may or may not be her at all – and often times, it is not her.

While there are exceptions, the general rule of thumb is that freelance escorts are often foreigners.

Anyway hint to an escort’s nationality and hometown is also the presence of absence of face images. If there are full facial pictures, there is a 99.9% chance the girl is actually a foreigner.