Here are four things that you may not necessarily already know about escorts in Singapore. Well, most people and even clients do not know about these.

Singaporean social escorts in Singapore are available on a part time basis

Because most Singaporean escorts are actually full time university students or an office professional, they are only available for escort service related bookings on a part time basis. This means that not all displayed escorts on websites are available at any given moment, and sometimes, only a minority of them may be. With that said, here are some booking tips for you if you are searching for a Singaporean escort girl so that you canĀ book the one you want in Singapore smoothly.

Generally, the gist is to book the escort girl early, perhaps even in advance though this will often require a pre-payment or a pre-deposit, or be simply flexible with your time.

Escorts in Singapore charge by the hour

While escorts from other countries may charge by half an hour, or other methods, escorts in Singapore charge exclusively by the hour. However, each subsequent hour beyond the first is usually cheaper.

SG girls do not show their face photos

This probably won’t come as a surprise to locals, but may to certain foreigner clients. Singapore has a very conservative culture, and therefore, working in this industry can appear as taboo to many. Therefore, most Singaporean girls who work as an escort girl prefer not having her face broadcasted online and everywhere else.

Those listed on directory sites or classified ad sites are often not really Singaporean ladies

You probably already know there are escort agency websites, directories as well as freelance websites. However, what you may not know if you have arrived in Singapore for the first time is that you absolutely have to avoid classified ad sites if you want to meet and book a Singaporean lady who is actually a local SG girl and looks like her photos. There are tons of horror stories online about customers who have booked girls off classified ad sites and the girl looks absolutely nothing like her pictures.

Here’s What You Didn’t Know About Singapore Escorts
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