Before you rush out and try to book a girl from a site like TTvip7, peruse the following first, as we discuss the three key differences between websites like TTvip7 or perhaps even SGKFCC and actually legal Singapore escort services by those such as SgVipEscorts.

First up, TTvip7 is technically not an escort website, but in reality a prostitution website masquerading as an escort site. Some experience in the industry will teach you that they do that in a bid to avoid the attention of Singapore authorities. However, while they can avoid detection for months, they usually fail to for more than that. As a result of that, you hear of the Singapore authorities clamping down on these sites and services such as TTvip. On the other hand, legal escort services do exist, though you may need to look harder and do Google searches to find out more about them. That is a big reason why legal escort websites are free for consumers to use, but not these fake ones.

Do we condone escort services in Singapore? Well, it is legal to look for them and legal for them to provide services to you as long as the girls are aged 18 and above. Do we condone prostitution in Singapore? Probably not, while legal, almost everything surrounding it makes it not. For instance, the sites such as TTvip7 are publicly soliciting prostitution from visitors on the public Internet, which is seen as a form of public prostitution soliciting through a remote device – their website and mobile phones.

Second of all, it is to the best of my knowledge that TTvip hires or advertises the services of mainly mainland Chinese girls, and sometimes some Vietnamese or Thai girls. On the other hand, legal escort agencies in Singapore hire and provide Singaporean escort call girls. The nationality of the ladies and models shown on their websites is clearly different.

Thirdly, the prices are drastically different. TTvip7 and sites like that usually have prices within the $100 to $400 per hour range, while that of most legal Singapore escort agencies range between that of $800 to $1500 per hour. They target clearly different markets. One is the mass market, while the other the affluent. That is why some even go so far to say that the lower class men in the population find prostitutes, while the upper class and affluent look for escorts – which is also a reason why social escorts are also used as a form of status symbol on top of being just a companion and for the girlfriend experience.

3 Differences Between TTvip7 And Legal Singapore Escort Sites

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